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Balanced Phono-Amps

Balanced Phono-amps

  • 📁 Category: Engineering 📄 Artist Name: Burkhard Vogel 📎 File Size: 15.29 MB 🎖 Price: $109.99 📅 Release Date: 2015-08-14T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Balanced phono-amps - In 12 chapters (Part I) this extension to the two 'The Sound of Silence' editions covers the development, calculation, construction and measurement of the fully differential (= balanced) phono-amp solution 'RIAA Phono-Amp Engine II'.Additionally, the .. Read More »

Examining the Effects of Phono-Graphix on the Remediation of Reading Skills of Students with Disabilities: A Program Evaluation.

Examining The Effects Of Phono-graphix On The Remediation Of Reading Skills

  • 📁 Category: Education 📄 Artist Name: Education & Treatment of Children 📎 File Size: 247.86 KB 🎖 Price: $5.99 📅 Release Date: 2007-05-01T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Examining the effects of phono-graphix on the remediation of reading skills of students with disabilities: a program evaluation. - Abstract The purpose of this program evaluation was to examine the effects of Phono-Graphix, an intensive tertiary-level reading intervention, on the basic reading skills of 16 students aged 6 to 17 years who received special education services. Inst .. Read More »

The TAB Guide to Vacuum Tube Audio: Understanding and Building Tube Amps

The Tab Guide To Vacuum Tube Audio: Understanding And Building Tube Amps

  • 📁 Category: Engineering 📄 Artist Name: Jerry C. Whitaker 📎 File Size: 21.02 MB 🎖 Price: $26.99 📅 Release Date: 2011-11-05T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • The tab guide to vacuum tube audio: understanding and building tube amps - Incorporate the "tube sound" into your home audio systemLearn how to work with vacuum tubes and construct high-quality audio amplifiers on your workbench with help from this hands-on, do-it-yourself resource. The TAB Guide to Vacuum Tube Audio: Under .. Read More »

Fender Amps - The First Fifty Years

Fender Amps - The First Fifty Years

  • 📁 Category: Music 📄 Artist Name: John Teagle 📎 File Size: 179.93 MB 🎖 Price: $26.99 📅 Release Date: 1995-07-01T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Fender amps - the first fifty years - Includes detailed model features and specs, rare catalog reprints, classic advertisements, endorsee promo photos, and hundreds of close-up photos of these American beauties. Includes a full-color section and the choicest vintage catalog covers. Also .. Read More »

Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners: A Complete and Balanced Diet: A Smart and Specific 4-Week Meal Plan for Every Need With Lots of Easy and Quick Recipes to Cook

Mediterranean Diet Cookbook For Beginners: A Complete And Balanced Diet: A

  • 📁 Category: Diet & Nutrition 📄 Artist Name: Grace M. Williamson 📎 File Size: 8.76 MB 🎖 Price: Free 📅 Release Date: 2021-06-04T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 3.5 / 5 peoples
  • Mediterranean diet cookbook for beginners: a complete and balanced diet: a smart and specific 4-week meal plan for every need with lots of easy and quick recipes to cook - Are you looking for a diet that doesn't force you to give up one of life's greatest pleasures, FOOD? Do you want to lose weight quickly and consistently? Do you want to maintain your new shape forever with no effort?If so, the Mediterranean Diet is w .. Read More »

Selling a Soured Dream It May be Down But It is Not out. The LTTE is Still Selling the Dream of Establishing a Tamil State, Which Means the Sri Lankan Government Must Adopt Rational and Balanced Strategies to Counter a Possible Re-Surge

Selling A Soured Dream It May Be Down But It Is Not Out. The Ltte Is Still

  • 📁 Category: Social Science 📄 Artist Name: South Asia 📎 File Size: 92.31 KB 🎖 Price: $5.99 📅 Release Date: 2010-07-31T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Selling a soured dream it may be down but it is not out. the ltte is still selling the dream of establishing a tamil state, which means the sri lankan government must adopt rational and balanced strategies to counter a possible re-surge - Byline: Fahmida Ashraf After the defeat of the LTTE in May 2009 in Sri Lanka, the pro-LTTE network abroad has weakened but it still exists and is trying to re-organize itself. Sri Lankan analyst, K. Godoge, observed in his article published in Sri La .. Read More »

Balanced on the Blade's Edge

Balanced On The Blade's Edge

  • 📁 Category: Science Fiction 📄 Artist Name: Lindsay Buroker 📎 File Size: 325.66 KB 🎖 Price: Free 📅 Release Date: 2014-03-28T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 4.5 / 391 peoples
  • Balanced on the blade's edge - Colonel Ridge Zirkander isn’t the model of military professionalism—he has a tendency to say exactly what’s on his mind, and his record has enough demerits to wallpaper the hull of an airship—but as the best fighter pilot in the Iskandian arm .. Read More »

War by Other MeansBuilding Complete and Balanced Capabilities for Counterinsurgency

War By Other Meansbuilding Complete And Balanced Capabilities For Counterin

  • 📁 Category: Politics & Current Events 📄 Artist Name: David C. Gompert & John Gordon IV 📎 File Size: 8.34 MB 🎖 Price: $9.99 📅 Release Date: 2008-02-08T08:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • War by other meansbuilding complete and balanced capabilities for counterinsurgency - Examines how the United States should improve its counterinsurgency (COIN) capabilities through, for example, much greater focus on understanding jihadist strategy, using civil measures to strengthen the local government, and enabling local forces to .. Read More »

Fundamentals Of Balanced Christianity: Charismatic Parlance Or Pragmatic Balance

Fundamentals Of Balanced Christianity: Charismatic Parlance Or Pragmatic Ba

  • 📁 Category: Christianity 📄 Artist Name: Daniel O. Ogweno 📎 File Size: 326.24 KB 🎖 Price: $4.99 📅 Release Date: 2011-09-20T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Fundamentals of balanced christianity: charismatic parlance or pragmatic balance - One of the most crippling problems challenging the validity of most people’s Christianity is the imbalanced way they understand God’s Word and do the things of God. The result is that sceptics make excuses and take advantage of the contradictory .. Read More »

Plant-Based Diet Cookbook : Delicious and Healthy Plant-Based Recipes for a Balanced Lifestyle

Plant-based Diet Cookbook : Delicious And Healthy Plant-based Recipes For A

  • 📁 Category: Specific Ingredients 📄 Artist Name: Joyce Hendrix 📎 File Size: 5.31 MB 🎖 Price: $2.99 📅 Release Date: 2021-07-11T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Plant-based diet cookbook : delicious and healthy plant-based recipes for a balanced lifestyle - Discover how to eat healthily, live well and still have time to enjoy the things you love with a plant-based diet.Get inspired and learn what it takes to master the art of plant-based cooking with this book. With all the delicious and healthy plant-b .. Read More »

The Best Relaxation Techniques: Live a More Balanced and Peaceful Life

The Best Relaxation Techniques: Live A More Balanced And Peaceful Life

  • 📁 Category: Self-Improvement 📄 Artist Name: Michael Hetherington 📎 File Size: 198.41 KB 🎖 Price: Free 📅 Release Date: 2013-04-21T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 4.5 / 16 peoples
  • The best relaxation techniques: live a more balanced and peaceful life - ***For a limited time, you can get the author’s latest book, The Yin & Yang Lifestyle Guide, for free - click here to find out more > (just copy and paste into your browser)***Overworked, tired, having tro .. Read More »

Preserving a Balanced Ocean: Regulating Climate Change Mitigation Activities in Marine Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction.

Preserving A Balanced Ocean: Regulating Climate Change Mitigation Activitie

  • 📁 Category: Law 📄 Artist Name: Australian International Law Journal 📎 File Size: 319.32 KB 🎖 Price: $5.99 📅 Release Date: 2007-01-01T08:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Preserving a balanced ocean: regulating climate change mitigation activities in marine areas beyond national jurisdiction. - Abstract The urgency associated with mitigating the adverse impacts of climate change has spawned a variety of geoengineering schemes designed to promote better absorption of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the earth's atmosphere by th .. Read More »

Balanced Microwave Filters

Balanced Microwave Filters

  • 📁 Category: Engineering 📄 Artist Name: Ferran Martín, Lei Zhu, Jia-Sheng Hong & Francisco Medina 📎 File Size: 78.29 MB 🎖 Price: $119.99 📅 Release Date: 2018-02-26T08:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Balanced microwave filters - This book presents and discusses strategies for the design and implementation of common-mode suppressed balanced microwave filters, including, narrowband, wideband, and ultra-wideband filtersThis book examines differential-mode, or balanced, microwav .. Read More »

Plant Based Protein Diet Cookbook: The Guide on Well-Balanced Vegan Eating for Effective Muscle building, Body Fitness and Healthy Life with Mouth-Watering Plant Protein Recipes

Plant Based Protein Diet Cookbook: The Guide On Well-balanced Vegan Eating

  • 📁 Category: Special Diet 📄 Artist Name: J.W. ROB 📎 File Size: 340.76 KB 🎖 Price: $2.99 📅 Release Date: 2021-04-05T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Plant based protein diet cookbook: the guide on well-balanced vegan eating for effective muscle building, body fitness and healthy life with mouth-watering plant protein recipes - A well balanced nourished diet is a necessity for every living soul and diet that are less processed and comes from natural ingrdients are even more rated. Most natural diet comes from plant and it has been proven overtime that plant based diet .. Read More »

Balanced Pooled Funds Slide Into the Red with Returns of -8.9% in Q2 2010; Continuing Fears over Economic Recovery Impact Equity Performance; Property and Bonds See More Positive Results with Single Digit Returns

Balanced Pooled Funds Slide Into The Red With Returns Of -8.9% In Q2 2010;

  • 📁 Category: Business & Personal Finance 📄 Artist Name: ENP Newswire 📎 File Size: 73.01 KB 🎖 Price: $5.99 📅 Release Date: 2010-07-29T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Balanced pooled funds slide into the red with returns of -8.9% in q2 2010; continuing fears over economic recovery impact equity performance; property and bonds see more positive results with single digit returns - ENPNewswire-29 July 2010-Balanced pooled funds slide into the red with returns of -8.9% in Q2 2010; Continuing fears over economic recovery impact equity performance; Property and Bonds see more positive results with single digit returns(C)2010 ENPub .. Read More »

Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

Balanced And Unbalanced Forces

  • 📁 Category: Science & Nature 📄 Artist Name: Jenna Winterberg 📎 File Size: 21.03 MB 🎖 Price: $10.99 📅 Release Date: 2017-04-03T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Balanced and unbalanced forces - Playing Tug-of-War, pedaling a bike, jumping rope - these actions all require force! We typically don't notice most of the forces around us, but they surround us all the time. Find out how force works, and then harness your knowledge to design and bu .. Read More »

Balanced Urban Development: Options and Strategies for Liveable Cities

Balanced Urban Development: Options And Strategies For Liveable Cities

  • 📁 Category: Public Administration 📄 Artist Name: Basant Maheshwari, Vijay P. Singh & Bhadranie Thoradeniya 📎 File Size: 79.87 MB 🎖 Price: Free 📅 Release Date: 2016-08-29T07:00:00Z 💾 Ratting : 0 / 0 peoples
  • Balanced urban development: options and strategies for liveable cities - This book provides a unique synthesis of concepts and tools to examine natural resource, socio-economic, legal, policy and institutional issues that are important for managing urban growth into the future. The book will particularly help the reader t .. Read More »